Monday, July 23, 2018

Shirret in the Exhibition at City University of New York Queens College, Fall 2017

Title: Bonsoir LB 0539, 24"h x 28"w x 1" deep, recycled wool and cotton cord.
In the Danger Zone street construction project: image includes a lit tunnel, cones and ladder.

Last summer I made the Shirret rug pictorial above, for The Fabric of Cultures exhibition at City University of New York Queens College, curated by Eugenia Paulicelli, PhD, head of Italian Studies, Fashion and Film. Her research involved the exploration of handmade decoration in fiber and fashion.

As an artist I have always felt a connection to Louise Bourgeois and her sculpture from when I first met her at an opening, including her family history in textiles. She's my height. She's French.

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