Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You can make cheerful Shirret Rag Rugs, if you Crochet

     If you can make a chain stitch and a double crochet, then you can Shirret.  You can cut up old wool skirts, curtains, madras bedspreads, even knitted clothing. We cut free yarn from stash fabric. Cheap and cheerful rugmaking, but the rugs are luxury and look expensive, from a designer collection for the home.
     I am the only one who manufactures the special steel rugmaking needle you need. It was made before the Civil War and again in the 1930s, and now I am the only one who manufactures it.  60,000 people learned to make Shirret rugs because my granny and my mom Louise McCrady taught them, all over the midwest and throughout New England, either personally or with their book.
     Louise's book, first published in 1968 and revised and updated in 1997, THE ART OF SHIRRET is filled with how-to drawings, photographs, written how-to instructions, and patterns for round rugs, oval rugs, rectangular rugs, and quilt rugs. We are THE SOURCE for SHIRRET, a pretty word Louise McCrady created to describe her very pretty rugmaking technique, in 1968.
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